Two file complaints against private treatment facility in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: Two people have registered a complaint with the police against a private treatment facility after allegedly losing huge money for weight loss and skin treatment, on Sunday.

Basavaraj, who went to a private treatment facility centre for weight loss treatment, registered a complaint at a police station on Saturday. He went to the treatment centre after seeing an advertisement on Facebook, in order to reduce weight. The staff promised him that he could reduce 20 kg weight in three months and charged him Rs 70,000 for the treatment. They put a rod on his leg, saying he had excess body weight, but he lost only 2 kg after the treatment course, he claimed.

Another man went for acne treatment at the same treatment centre and was charged Rs 40,000. He has been receiving treatment for the past year, but he has not gotten any results. When asked about it, the staff at the treatment centre said it was his problem. The mother, who lost money after paying for the treatment, has filed a complaint at the Vyalikaval police station.

Radha filed a complaint against a private treatment center after losing money.

“We wanted the acne treatment for our son, and the staff said they will treat it within 10 sessions, but it has been a year and there is no difference. When we ask them to refund the money, they do not reply to us”, said Radha, the mother of the youth.

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