Twitter to label tweets that break its ‘hateful conduct’ rule, not to remove them

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WASHINGTON: What will Elon Musk do with hate speech on Twitter?

According to Twitter, the company will start rolling out new warning labels on tweets that break its “Hateful Conduct” rules.

According to the Mashable website, tweets with this label will have “limited visibility” on the platform, meaning that Twitter’s algorithm will reduce its reach — that is, fewer people will see the content, as its ability to be found via search or discovered via recommendations will be restricted.

Twitter stressed that the limited visibility will only affect the specific offending tweets, and accounts that tweet hateful content will not be penalized in any way.

The company said users will be able to submit appeals if they believe Twitter wrongly affixed their tweet with the label. Twitter also said it will “continue to remove illegal content and suspend bad actors” from the platform.

Twitter is letting users know that a tweet has had visibility limited for breaking the company’s “Hateful Conduct” policies as a new step towards more transparency on the platform.

Twitter’s policies define hateful conduct as racist or sexist slurs, tropes and intimidation, as well as hateful references, imagery, and incitement. (ANI)

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