Tourists clog Charmadi Ghat road, pose problems for other road users; risk lives climbing rock faces

Public TV English
Public TV English
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An ambulance was stuck in a traffic jam on Charmadi Ghat due to haphazard parking of vehicles.

CHIKKAMAGALUR: The rush of tourists and haphazard parking of vehicles, including cars and two-wheelers, along the Charmadi Ghat road has been creating trouble for patients and other road users.

In one such instance, an ambulance carrying a patient in urgent need of medical attention was caught in a jam on the ghat road where scores of people had parked their vehicles near a waterfall to click selfies and pictures of the scenic surroundings in Mudigere taluk.

Tourists, including children, are also putting themselves at risk by climbing rock faces along the road, all for selfies. Any misstep could even endanger their lives. In the past, some people have lost their lives which some others have sustained injuries and broken limbs after climbing the rock faces.

With the monsoon setting in, such acts by tourists have only increased and locals have demanded the authorities to put a halt to such activities and to introduce police patrol to prevent any untoward incidents.

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