Tomato prices drop drastically, Kolar farmers distraught with no buyers

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
1 Min Read
The prices of tomato have dropped sharply in Kolar district.

KOLAR: Farmers in the district are a worried lot after the prices of tomato suddenly dropped to Rs 15 per kg on Thursday.

Farmers had invested anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh per acre, but now the prices are hovering between Rs 50 and Rs 100 per crate. Farmers say they will not even be able to recover their cost.

A crate of tomato is selling for anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 100.

Farmers say that the quality of the yield has come down due to unseasonal rains. Added to this, there are no buyers from other states, leading to a sharp fall in prices.

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