To reduce fatal accidents, BMTC conducts special training for drivers

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BENGALURU: Considering the rising number of accidents involving it buses, many times even leading to death, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) management has decided to impart training to all BMTC bus drivers to sensitise them about safe driving. The move will most likely start from April.

The training will be provided in collaboration with All India State Road Transport and Skill Council. In order to reduce the road accident cases in the city, BMTC took up a decision to create awareness among drivers. Earlier, 200 drivers were trained at the Vaddarahalli residential training centre for three days. As a continuation of the training programme, the BMTC is being preparing to train all its remaining drivers.

The management of BMTC has also planned to award gold and silver medals to the drivers who have not committed a single road accident.

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Satyavathi G, Managing Director of BMTC, said it is unfortunate that BMTC buses are involved in accidents, some fatal. She noted that sometimes, the fault may lie with both parties involved in an accident.

“A school student was killed in a recent incident while going with his parent as he was not wearing a helmet. We cannot go back and dig up mistakes. Hence, we have taken up the issue seriously, and we have already conducted a three-day residential training called ‘Safe Driving Skills’ for 200 drivers, especially those who are involved in fatal accident cases. We will continue the refresher course for all drivers compulsorily in a phased manner”, she said.

Satyavathi, MD of BMTC said a refresher course will be conducted for all BMTC drivers on road safety to reduce accidents.

“We are creating awareness about rash driving, overspeeding, signal jumping and overtaking. We also sensitise them about accident-free driving every day”, she noted.

The BMTC notices for penalties of Rs 1.33 crore from the traffic police and it was brought down to Rs 66 lakh after reconciliation. During the 50 per cent rebate period on traffic fines, the transport utility paid up Rs 33 lakh, the MD said.

“When we went through the cases, we found that the majority of them were signal jumping cases. The drivers should understand that there is no need for competition between BMTC buses”, she explained.

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