Thousands of fish dead after lake poisoned in Bangarpet taluk

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Thousands of dead fish floating in the Venkataraja lake at Jumbanahalli in Bangarpet taluk.

KOLAR: Thousands of fish have died after some miscreants poisoned the Venkataraja lake at Jumbanahalli in Bangarpet taluk. The sight of the floating dead fish in the water has shocked the villagers.

Munikrishnappa, a resident of Jumbanahalli had secured a tender from the gram panchayat by paying Rs 12,000 to rear fish in the lake. However, the lake was poisoned on Sunday night leading to the huge fish kill.

Munikrishnappa showing the dead fish.

Munikrishnappa was rearing the Common Carp variety of fish and each weigh about 150-200 gms now and, in another three months, they could have been harvested.

A case has been registered at the Boodikote police station. Farmer Munikrishnappa has also sought compensation for his loss.

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