Thousands march against antisemitism in London, Indian diaspora voice support for Israel

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Public TV English
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LONDON: Thousands of protestors marched through central London at a demonstration against antisemitism on Sunday, in a first-of-its-kind march since the Israel-Hamas war.

According to the organisers, around 1,00,000 people took part in this march including former UK Prime Minister and Conservative leader Boris Johnson.

The rally comes amid a steep rise in hate crimes, especially against the capital’s Jewish community.
Members of the British Indian diaspora also joined the #MarchAgainstAntisemitism in London in solidarity and to voice their protest against antisemitism.

Many people also joined with Indian flags alongside the Israeli flag strongly condemning the October 7 terror attacks on Israel by Hamas, drawing parallels with the 2008 Mumbai attacks, whose 15th anniversary also fell on Sunday.

Jignesh Patel, an artist and one of the marchers, said: “We extend our deepest empathy to the victims, spanning diverse nationalities. As members of minority communities, we stand in solidarity with the Jewish people, denouncing the hatred they face. Supporting Israel’s right to self-defence, we urge the British Government to take decisive action against antisemitism prevalent in our streets, politics, academia, and the media”.

The British Indian diaspora vouchs to offer unwavering support to Israeli and British Jewish communities in these challenging times, standing united with Israel in its fight against terrorism.

On October 7, Hamas carried out a brutal terror attack in Israel. Over 2000 terrorists breached the Israeli borders and carried out a mayhem killing over 1200 people, injuring around 3000 others and also holding 240 people as hostages.

In response, Israel launched a strong counteroffensive targeting Hamas terror units in Gaza. (ANI)

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