Thieves park stolen two-wheelers at pay-and-park lot Majestic bus stand

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BENGALURU: The theft of two-wheelers has increased around Majestic bus stand and interestingly, the thieves are parking the stolen two-wheelers in the ‘Pay and Park’ lot next to the bus station.

The staff of the parking lot got suspicious when the bikes were not retrieved even after five or six months of being parked. They recently handed over 30 bikes to the police.

Thieves are used to escape with stolen bikes in the past, but now, they are easily caught by police due to the presence CCTVs everywhere. Therefore, thieves are parking stolen two-wheelers at the parking lot at the Majestic bus stand for fear of being arrested.

The parking lot staff lodged a complaint with the Upparpet police station as those who parked the two-wheelers had not returned after six months. Curiouslyl, of the two-wheelers handed over to the police, by the parking lot staff, five have been stolen again. Some of the other bikes have been handed over to the owners by the police.

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