They should have informed us of their son’s deviant behaviour: Neha’s father

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Neha Hiremath's parents Niranjan and Geetha.

HUBBALLI: Congress corporator Niranjan Hiremath, the father Neha Hiremath, who was stabbed to death by Fayaz Babasaheb Khondunayak on the BVB College campus here two days ago, on Saturday said just an apology by the parents of the accused won’t do. “They should have told us that their son had such a devious mind, then we could have saved our daughter”, he said.

“If they knew that their son had strayed, they should have informed us. Their son has now murdered our daughter. If they had told us about their son, our daughter would have been alive today. I also have information that Fayaz had attempted to murder his father over a property dispute. He was let off after giving an undertaking”, Niranjan said.

“The accused should be eliminated in an encounter or hanged by the court immediately. People are holding candle marches and protests across the state and coming out in our support”, he added.

Welcoming the regret expressed by Home Minister G Parameshwara, who had earlier said that Neha and Fayaz were in a relationship, the Congress corporator said the minister had been misled by the police commissioner and local leaders. “Fayaz has given out the names of four others involved in the murder. Looking at the way things are going, the investigation is likely to go off track. I will write a letter to the CM and commit suicide”, he said.

Condeming the viral photos of Neha and Fayaz together, Niranjan termed it as an attempt to give a bad name to his family. “Fake photos are going viral on social media. People should stop making viral the photos taken in college. Unseen hands are behind this”, he alleged.

Neha’s mother Geetha Hiremath, reacting to Fayaz’s mother seeking a public apology for the murder, said, “Bring my daughter back. She was a bold girl. The two were studying in the same college earlier, that’s all we know. We had advised her to maintain distance”.

Further, she said, “What happened to my daughter should happen to the accused too. Instead of putting him in jail, hand him over to the people. We need justice. There is no proper security at the college which has three gates”.

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