That steaming cup of coffee may cost more in coming days

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: A cup of coffee is what cheers. But, at a time when prices of many essential commodities are hitting the roof, hoteliers in the city are considering raising the prices of coffee with prices of coffee powder going up.

Over the last one month, the prices of coffee powder has seen an upward trend and is now around Rs 500-600 per kg from the earlier Rs 300-400 per kg, prompting hoteliers to consider raising the prices of coffee. The price of chicory too has increased.

Krishnaraj, the owner of Nisarga Grand hotel.

Krishnaraj, the owner of Nisarga Grand hotel, pointed out that coffee powder prices have risen thrice in the last three months. “What was costing Rs 350 is now Rs 600 per kg and it has become very difficult for us. It is being said that coffee production has been hit in Brazil and hence there is a rise in export from India leading to a price rise locally. For now, we don’t want to pass on the burden to customers, but we may consider raising the prices in the coming days”.

Mohammed Akram, a retailer, said exports have pushed up prices locally. “The prices of tea power too have increased”, he pointed out.

The price rise is mainly due to the dip in production in other countries due to vagaries of the weather. With flowers dropping due to the rain, the bean production has also fallen.

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