Tension in Belagavi locality after 2 groups pelt stones after dispute during cricket match

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Public TV English
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The residents threw stones from rooftops.

BELAGAVI: Ten people were arrested on Friday after two groups clashed with stones after a dispute broke out during a game of cricket, leading to largescale vandalism at Alwan Galli here on Thursday evening. At least eight people were injured in the stone-throwing and have been admitted to BIMS hospital.

Around 6.30 pm on Thursday, a dispute broke out between youths of tow different communities over where the ball fell while they were playing cricket. After they returned to their houses, other family members came out to the street and the two groups indulged in stone pelting with one person even brandishing a sword.

On receiving information, a patrol squad of the the Shahpur police station rushed to the scene even as stones lay scattered in front of home and a man was branding a sword. Two police personnel were caught in the frenzy even as they were videographing the ongoings. Two separate cases have been filed in this connection.

Belagavi Police Commissioner Iada Martin Marbaniang briefing mediapersons on the incident.

Belagavi Police Commissioner Iada Martin Marbaniang immediately called back all personnel on leave and stayed put at the Shahpur police station till late in the night. Additional police forces were deployed in the area to prevent any further flareup. “Among the ten arrested is the one who was brandishing a sword. Suspicious people have also been detained and are being questioned”, he said.

“Two FIRs have been registered and we have invoked the same sections. The clash broke out around 6.30 pm when two teams were playing cricket. After the youths returned home, a fresh flareup occurred after family members joined in. Some people were injured as they were attacked with cricket stumps. We have also picked up some suspects and arrested 10 people”, he said.

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