Telangana turned into debt-ridden state, ‘credit’ goes to KCR: Nirmala Sitharaman

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Public TV English
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HYDERABAD: Union Finance Minister Niramala Sitharaman has claimed that when Telangana was formed, it was a revenue surplus and now it has become a revenue deficit state.

“Telangana was formed on three foundation principles – Water, funds and jobs – and in all these fronts, the state has failed. The revenue surplus state has become debt-ridden. Hyderabad, which has invested for several decades as capital with potential investment for the future with skilled and trained youth for employment, has now become a revenue deficit. The credit goes to KCR,” she said.

Addressing a ‘meet and greet’ gathering organised for Malkajgiri BJP candidate N Ramchander Rao, she further alleged that the Telangana government has failed to manage fiscal and debt management.

“What will they do if they (BRS) come to power again?” Sitharaman asked.

She said that the next two to three generations of Telangana residents will end up repaying the debts.

On “freebies”, she said many states in the country, without taking the financial situation into consideration, are promising various schemes and implementing them by borrowing funds.

“The BRS is in a confused state. The Chief Minister wants to become Prime Minister. The state is totally destroyed financially. I request that people understand. If any state wants to give freebies, let them show it in the budget, make a provision and then give it. Many states are making promises and distributing freebies but are unable to pay in the end,” she added.

Seeking votes for the BJP candidate, Sitharaman said Ramchander Rao is a loyal leader of the party and has a clean image. Telangana will go for Assembly elections on November 30 and counting of votes has been scheduled for December 3.

In the previous Assembly election in 2018, the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), previously known as Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), won 88 of the 119 seats, grabbing 47.4 per cent of the total vote share. The Congress came a distant second with just 19 seats. (ANI)

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