Tamil Nadu: Injured leopard caught by forest department in Nilgiris

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Public TV English
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NILGIRIS (Tamil Nadu) : An injured leopard was caught by the Forest Department on Saturday after it was spotted wandering in the residential area for consecutive five days.

The leopard was caught in a cage placed in the Devan Estate Anju Temple area near Dewar Oasis in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.

The residents of Gudalur, an area adjacent to the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Kerala forest area, informed the Forest Department about the movement of a leopard with leg injuries, roaming in the area for five consecutive days.

The residents of Gudalur demanded the forest officials put the leopards in the cage. At their request, the Forest Department installed two cages in the place.

Upon receiving the information, the Forest Department went to the Devan Estate Anju temple area to find the leopard.
After major efforts, the leopard was caught. (ANI)

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