‘Talabaaz Congress has closed doors of development’: PM Modi in Himachal

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SHIMLA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi sharply criticised the Congress party’s employment and reservation policies at a rally in Shimla on Friday. The Prime Minister accused the Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu-led Congress in Himachal Pradesh of having shut the doors of development by a ‘Talabaaz’ government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge crowd in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, seeking blessings for the BJP government’s third term and outlining his vision for a stronger India and developed Himachal Pradesh. “Ab ki Baar, Modi Sarkaar” the crowd chanted in unison behind Narendra Modi as he rallied support from the voters.

Addressing an election rally, PM Modi said, “I am here to seek blessings from you all for the third term of BJP government. I want your blessings to make a strong India, developed India, developed Himachal Pradesh…Five phases of elections are over and the BJP-NDA government is coming into power”.

Prime Minister Modi contrasted the BJP and Congress eras, stating that during the Congress era, when the government was weak, Pakistan would exert influence over India.

“You have seen the era of Congress. When there was a weak government in the country. At that time Pakistan used to dance on our heads. The weak Congress government went around pleading for help around the world. But Modi said that India will no longer beg from the world, India will fight its own battle and then India entered the house and attacked. Today, see the condition of Pakistan”, he said.

“The high mountains of Himachal have taught me to keep my spirits high. The high mountains of Himachal have taught me to hold my head high with pride. I cannot tolerate the insult of Mother India. But Congress does not refrain from insulting Mother India. Congress has a problem with saying Bharat Mata ki Jai, Congress has a problem with saying Vande Mataram. Such a Congress can never do any good to Himachal”, the PM said.

“On one side there is Modi’s guarantee and on the other side, there is Congress’s model of destruction. To gain power, Congress lied a lot to the people of Himachal. As compared to the Congress, Modi has given a lot of money. Today hundreds of kilometres of roads are built across the border. Today the soldiers living across the border areas and the local people, their lives have become easier”, he added.

In a criticism aimed at the internal conflict within the Himachal Pradesh Congress, which led independent candidates to distance themselves from the party, PM Modi said ” On one side there is Modi’s guarantee and on the other side there is Congress’s model of destruction. To gain power, Congress lied a lot to the people of Himachal. They said that this will happen in the first cabinet, that will happen. But nothing happened in the first cabinet; rather, the cabinet itself got destroyed”.

“They said, you will get 1500 rupees, did you get it? They promised that one lakh jobs would be given, was it given? This is a ‘Talabaaz’ Congress that has locked and shut the commission for employment. Can this “Talabaaz” Sarkaar open the doors to your development?” PM Modi said targeting the Congress. “Three things are common between the INDIA alliance partners, one is these people are extremely communal. These people are extremely racist. These people are extreme nepotists”, he added.

The Prime Minister addressed issues of unemployment and reservation, highlighting his government’s initiatives such as 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections of the general category.

On reservation, PM Modi said, “For 60 years Congress did not even think that there are poor people in the general category too. They also need a reservation, Congress never thought about these communities. Modi came and made a 10 per cent reservation for the poor people of the general category. Due to this, today people of our society are getting opportunities at different places”.

In response to the recent decision by the Calcutta High Court to cancel OBC certificates, taking a dig at the TMC government, PM Modi said, “The latest example of the conspiracy of the INDI alliance has come to light in West Bengal. Just two days ago, the Kolkata High Court abolished the reservation for many Muslim castes. Many Muslim castes were made OBC by the Indy alliance and OBC rights were given to them. By doing so, the INDI Alliance usurped the rights of the OBCs and violated the Constitution.

“Now after the decision of Kolkata High Court, the INDI alliance members are in a state of panic. The Chief Minister of Bengal is even outright refusing to accept the court’s decision. For them, the constitution and the courts do not matter. If there is anyone closest to them, it is their vote bank”, the PM added. (ANI)

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