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US ‘carefully monitoring’ situation on India-China border

Washington [US], January 27 (ANI): The US has said it is closely

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US, Germany to send battle tanks to Ukraine

Washington [US], January 26 (ANI): Germany and the United States on Wednesday

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Germany ready to let Poland send Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Berlin [Ukraine], January 23 (ANI): Germany is ready to authorize Poland to

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BJP is for development, transparency, but Congress means corruption: Nadda

VIJAYAPURA: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president J P Nadda on Saturday

Putin says has ‘no doubt’ Russia will win in Ukraine

Moscow [Russia], January 19 (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday

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18 people, including Ukraine minister, die in helicopter crash near Kyiv

Kyiv [Ukraine], January 18 (ANI): At least 18 people have been killed

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Civilian attacks ‘must end immediately’ in Ukraine, says UN

New York [US], January 17 (ANI): UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday

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Russia replaces commander of Ukraine war after three months into job

Moscow [Russia], January 12 (ANI): Sergei Surovikin on Wednesday was removed from

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US diplomat Donald Lu to travel to India, to participate in India-US Forum

Washington [US], January 11 (ANI): United States Assistant Secretary of State for

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Zelenskyy at Golden Globes: ‘There will be no 3rd World War, it is not a trilogy’

Kyiv [Ukraine], January 11 (ANI): Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday appeared

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