Summer heat to get more intense in coming weeks, warns Met department

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The Sun is already beating down on Bengaluru and other parts of the state.

BENGALURU: If you are already feeling hot under the collar, you can only imagine what’s coming. With temperatures rising earlier than usual, the weather department that the summer heat will get more intense in March.

People are choosing fruits and juices to keep themselves hydrated.

Usually, the intensity of the heat increases in April, but this year, the temperature is already up 2-3 weeks ahead. By March-end it is likely to touch a maximum of 35-36 degrees Celsius and children and the elderly will need to be careful, the weather department has warned.

Tender coconut vendors say there is a spike in sales over the last few weeks.

The maximum temperature is already 32 degrees Celsius while the minimum is 17 degrees Celsius. With the heat rising, people are opting for fluids like tender coconut water, buttermilk, sugarcane juice and fruits.

“Sales have almost doubled after the change in weather”, said a tender coconut vendor in the city. “We need to keep ourselves hydrated during the summer months and protect our health”, said Girish, a citizen.

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