‘Still My Man’: Jada Pinkett Smith on her relationship with Will Smith

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WASHINGTON: American actor Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith may be separated, but she said on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ that the Oscar-winning actor, 55, is “still my man,” reported People.

This came after host Stephen Colbert brought up the ‘Girls Trip’ actress’ new memoir ‘Worthy’, in which she confesses that she and her spouse of more than two decades had been living separate lives since 2016.

“Still husband? Or former husband?” Colbert asked Jada, 52, while searching for the proper term to call Will.

“He’s still — that’s still my man, that’s still my man,” she replied, saying that she was “so young” when she and the King Richard actor married in 1997.

At 26, she entered the union with “all those romanticized fantasies” about what marriage should be like, she said. Now, she’s “really learning to have acceptance for the reality of what it is and just seeing Will in a brand new light,” she continued.

“I call us ‘life partners,'” she added. “But he’s my dude. He’s my right hand.”

Colbert then brought up the fact that they had been separated for years and asked why she had waited so long to share it.

“I wasn’t ready,” she said. “Uncoupling consciously is a very difficult thing, right?… I had a lot of things I had to resolve so it wasn’t a war in public. I didn’t want that, like, for Will and I. And so I really needed time to get myself together.”

In a cover story interview with People, Jada said “We’re still figuring it out,” in regards to her marriage with Will.

“A lot has happened. The thing about relationships is that it’s constantly moving. Relationships are, it’s an organism. It’s its own thing. It’s constantly shifting and constantly moving. There’s a lot that’s transpired in the last two years, and so we’ve been doing some really heavy-duty work together.”

‘Worthy’ is now available wherever books are sold, reported People. (ANI)

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