Spurned man fixed explosive in mixer-grinder to take revenge against woman

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A man sent a explosive in mixer to take revenge from woman.

HASSAN: Investigation into the mixer-grinder explosion has revealed during that the accused wanted to take revenge against a divorced woman who had refused to accept his marriage proposal.

The stalker from Bengaluru had planted explosives in a mixer-grinder and sent a parcel to the woman. Unfortunately, the courier shop owner Shashi lost two fingers when he switched on the mixer-grinder to check before sending the parcel.

 The parcel consignee Vasantha had uploaded her photo on a matrimonial website after her divorce, and Anup proposed to her after seeing her photo on the matrimonial page. Then, the two of started going out together. Vasantha had reportedly taken lakhs of rupees from Anup, but later changed her mind and refused to marry him.

Vasantha on first photo and Shashi, the owner of Courier office, severly injured after the mixer grinder blast.

Disappointed by Vasantha’s decision, Anup demanded that she return his money. He also went to Hassan, where she lives, a couple of times and created a scene in front of her house.

Later, Vasantha complained to the police and the State Women’s Commission about Anup, which enraged Anup. He first sent a saree through parcel, and then a serial set, but she returned the saree and insulted him. On the third occasion, he sent a mixer-grinder with a detonator inside with the intent of ruining her face or killing her and couriered it through DTDC’s service.

The courier shop owner, Sashi, had got the parcel delivered to Vasantha’s house on December 17 through Ganesh. But the woman returned it to the courier shop. Shashi told her that it will cost Rs 350 to send it back. For that, she said that she did not have money and went away leaving the mixer at the shop.

Shashi unboxed the parcel and turned on the mixer. When he opened the parcel, the mixer-grinder exploded and injured him.

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