Spiritual and thriller movie ‘Ara’ to release in June

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BENGALURU: The Kannada movie ‘Ara’, produced by a talented young and enthusiastic team, is now attracting everyone’s attention through its teaser. It had created curiosity with the title and poster and now raised expectations after the release of the teaser.

‘Ara’ is a spiritual drama and thriller involving the conflict between a deity and evil forces. A glimpse of the thrilling shots was displayed in the teaser. The movie is directed by Ashwin Vijay Murthy and the entire film is full of new talent and innovations.

Actors Rohit and Deepika Aradhya are playing the lead roles. Rohit himself has written the script and dialogues for the film while Anand, Neenasam Satya Raj, Nikhil, Shripad, Prateek and Lokesh also feature in the movie.

The story revolves around the journey of a boy named ‘Ara’ who fights for survival and a spiritual quest takes different dimensions. Most of the film was shot in Udupi and the dialogues are rendered in the Udupi style of Kannada.

The film is produced by Sujatha Chadaga and Chandrashekhar C Jambigi under the banner of ‘AR’ Films. Young talent Srihari is the cinematographer while Girish Tandoor composed the music while Madesh is the editor and Devi Prakash has also co-directed the movie. The team has planned to release the movie some time in June.

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