Special measures implemented to protect animals from heat in Raipur’s Jungle Safari

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RAIPUR(Chhattisgarh) : Amid the scorching summer heat, the Raipur Jungle Safari has introduced special arrangements to ensure the well-being of its animals.

Ganveer Dhammasheel, Director of the Jungle Safari, outlined the comprehensive measures taken to provide respite for the wildlife in both the jungle safari and zoo located in Naya Raipur.

“We have made arrangements for the care of wildlife in the jungle safari and zoo in Naya Raipur, keeping the summer season in mind. Under these arrangements, we have covered the enclosures with green nets. There are many enclosures. Additionally, we have improved their cooling systems and provided water everywhere. We have also made changes to the animals’ diet, increasing the amount of water-rich foods, and we are continuously monitoring them to ensure no adverse situations arise,’ Dhammasheel said on Tuesday.

Specific dietary adjustments have been implemented to meet the needs of different animals.

“For the lions, which primarily prefer meat and mutton, we have prepared their diet accordingly. For herbivorous animals, the diet plan is different and includes green leafy vegetables, grasses, and some nuts. We have a dietitian who plans their diet, and we provide food according to these plans,” Dhammasheel added.

Earlier, amidst a severe heatwave, Alipore Zoological Park in Kolkata, introduced a range of measures to ensure the well-being of its animals. Subhankar Sen Gupta, an IFS officer, outlined the zoo’s strategies to mitigate the effects of the extreme temperatures.

The enclosures of animals have been covered with green sheets to stop the impact of direct heat. Sprinklers have been set up in the shelters of reptiles along with fans. Fans and coolers have also been set up in the night shelters of various animals like tigers and lions. Showers have been put up in the enclosure of elephants to save them from heat.

“Firstly, in all the enclosures, we have arranged the maximum amount of water possible because it is the only way to protect the animals from the heat. They will either bathe in the water or drink it. So, we have made enough provisions for both,” said Gupta on Thursday.

“Additionally, we are regularly mixing ORS into their drinking water to maintain their electrolyte balance,” he added.
Gupta said special provisions have been made for animals that require cooler environments.

“In some enclosures, for animals like the black bear, sloth bear, and kangaroo, which require cooler conditions, we have installed air coolers,” said Gupta.

Gupta also said that particular attention has been given to the elephant enclosure, where a shower system has been installed to spray water from above, complementing the existing moats where elephants can bathe.

These measures are part of a comprehensive effort to ensure the comfort and health of the zoo’s inhabitants during the ongoing heatwave. (ANI)

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