Spare us the meetings, MLAs tell party bosses as Assembly election heat rises

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: With Assembly elections less that a year away, some legislators of both the ruling BJP and the main opposition Congress have been pleading with their party bosses not to have too many meetings in Bengaluru stating that they want to be in their constituencies.

These legislators have pleaded that they will have to attend marriages and other religious events in the constituencies lest they lose out on votes. Hence, they have requested that they either be given leeway to stay away from Bengaluru or at least be allowed to participate in fewer party meetings.

The lawmakers, who fear the anger of their voters, are skipping party meetings, Zoom calls and committee meetings on the pretext of organising the party at their constituency levels. They do not want their voters to feel that they spend more time in Bengaluru than attend to issues in their constituencies.

They have even written to their party bosses and state presidents that they would like to spend more time in their constituencies. Ever since the last election, these MLAs have been spending 2-3 days a week in Bengaluru, but with the election heat slowly rising, they would rather choose to be seen among their voters.

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