Social media post claims ‘Bhagwa love trap’

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BELAGAVI: After claims of love jihad, posts about alleged ‘Bhagwa love trap’ are doing the rounds on social media including WhatsApp and Facebook groups. However, no police action has been launched so far.

The viral posts claim that at least three cases of ‘Bhagwa love trap’ have occurred in the last ten days, but were not being mentioned about in the media. The post claims that one “Farida Khatoon was killed by Girish on April 1 in Bengaluru, Ruksar, was killed by her live-in partner Vipul on April 3 and Afsana a.k.a. Aastha was killed by Saurabh on April 10”.

The post claims that though three women were killed, there was no media outrage, but the Shraddha Walker case was highlighted as love jihad. “One Shraddha case gets all the coverage but here you wouldn’t hear these cases”, the post claims. It aslo warns about the alleged ‘Bhagwa trap’.

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