Sleep deprivation leading to increased heart attacks among younger people 

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BENGALURU: A recent study found that more and more younger people are dying due to heart attacks in recent times. Find the cause of the heart attack was a major challenge for doctors, especially since the number of young people suffering heart attacks had increased after the Covid pandemic.

While increased stress and tension are major contributing factors to heart attacks, doctors at the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research have pinpointed another major reason for heart attacks among youngsters.

Dr Vijay Kumar, cardiologist at Jayadeva Hospital said heart attacks occur due to various reasons such as excessive stress, drinking alcohol, smoking, drug consumption, air pollution, pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. “On the one hand, heart attacks are increasing day by day among young people and students. Specialists were shocked by the increasing number of cases. It was difficult for experts to understand the reasons. Heart attacks are being reported in those who have no case history”, he said.

Therefore, the specialists looked at probable new causes and cautioned people. According to them, lack of sleep due to busy lifestyle, working night shifts, and not sleeping at least for a minimum duration are the main reasons for the increase in heart attacks among youngsters.

The major facts are:

  • People need 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which should be mandatory.
  • Lack of sleep leads to many health problems, including high blood pressure.
  • Heart attack due to mental stress.
  • Following western lifestyle.
  • Excessive smoking and drinking.
  • Change in diet system.
  • Taking drugs at a young age.
  • Air pollution also causes heart attacks.
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