Skywalk between BMTC, KSRTC bus stations in need of urgent repair

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The skywalk walk between BMTC bus stand and KSRTC bus stand is now deteriorated
BENGALURU: The Kempegowda bus station was completed about half a century ago and is still standing strong. But a skywalk between the BMTC and KSRTC bus stations, built in recent years, is already posing a danger for pedestrians as they feel unsafe walking on it.
Skywalk is old as 50 years and needs quick attention by the Palike.

The roof of the skywalk had rusted and in some places, the metal pieces are ripped off. Concrete pillars too are damaged and cement plastering slabs have even fallen on buses which move underneath. While the Majestic road has big potholes on one side, the creaking skywalk poses another danger to pedestrians who may be unaware of its condition. Regular commuters say that the authorities concerned should take remedial measures before anything untoward occurs.

A pedestrian points to the pitiable condition of the skywalk connecting the two bus terminals.

A pedestrian said, “The BMTC administration is maintaining the skywal, but has ignored public safety. They are not even thinking about repairing the the skywalk and filling the potholes on the road. I commute every day and I am afraid that it may collapse some day. The authorities concerned should seriously think about repairing it at the earliest. Lakhs of people use the skywalk and the roads here every day. If any accidents happen, will the BMTC be responsible for it?”

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