Sinister design? Stones, iron pieces, concrete blocks placed on railway tracks

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A piece of iron embedded in a concrete block was found on the railway track recently.

MANGALURU: A dastardly plan to derail trains near Kasargod, bordering Mangaluru, by placing objects like concrete blocks, stones and pieces of iron on the railway tracks has come to light.

Stones were also placed on the tracks.

Such attempts have been witnessed at Trukkannadu, Kumbale, Hosadurga and Talangare over the last few days in Kasargod district in Kerala.

On August 21, pieces of iron were found on the track behind a temple in Trukkannadu between Kotikulam and Bekal. A disaster was averted due to the presence of mind of the railway guard.

RPF and GRP officers inspecting the tracks.

At another location, a concrete block weighing about 25 kg was placed on a track. About 400 mts from the Kumbale railway station, stones were found placed on the track on which the Mangaluru-Chennai superfast express runs.

Last Saturday, the Coimbatore-Mangaluru train was pelted with stones at Chittari.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF), the Government Railway Police (GRP) and the local police have taken up investigation under the guidance of north division Railway Police Dy SP K N Radhakrishnan.

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