Siddapura residents getting contaminated water, children suffer from health issues

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Residents of Siddapur under Chickpet Constituency are getting polluted water.

BENGALURU: Come summer and issues related to water abound and so do health-related issues. Residents of Siddapura under the Chickpet Assembly constituency are getting contaminated water due to the negligence of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) and many residents were admitted to hospitals after falling sick due to consumption of polluted water.

The residents have claimed that the sewage water is getting mixed with Cauvery water and, as a result, there is foul smell coming from the water. The residents have complained to the authorities concerned, but the problem has not been resolved so far, they said.

Chickpet constituency MLA Uday Garudachar, reacting to the issue, said, “I have received 7-8 complaints from the residents. I had a meeting with the BWSSB officials and had asked them to fix the problem soon. But, by that time, the election code of conduct was announced and now, none of the officials respond to my phone calls. They even asked me to wait for 45 days”.

Uday B Garudachar claimed none of the BWSSB officials are ready to attend to the issue after the Code of Conduct was announced.

Umamaheshwari, a resident of the locality said, “This problem has been there for many years. I admitted my child to the hospital with complaint of vomiting and diarrhoea. I have repeatedly admitted my child for the same reason. I lost my daughter as she had poor health due to contaminated water. Many other children also complain of health issues. Political leaders come here during the election and will make tall promises. After that, they are nowhere to be seen. There are about 510 houses in Siddapura area and we get drinking water by paying money. It is difficult for poor people to survive”.

Another resident, Kalaivani, said, “We have been highlighting the water problem since four years. For the first half hour after water is released, it smells bad and no one uses it. We have no other source of water. A Revenue Inspector inspected the quality of water, but no action has been taken since then. Why should we vote for political leaders if we do not get help from them?”

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