Shakira wins legal battle over tax evasion charges in Spain

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WASHINGTON: Spanish prosecutors have dropped the tax evasion case against pop sensation Shakira, citing a lack of evidence in their investigation.

The case, which began in July, alleged that Shakira had evaded Euro 6.6 million in taxes in 2018 through the use of offshore companies and tax havens, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, after a thorough examination, investigators concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support criminal charges against the artist.

Shakira’s legal team expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, emphasising that it vindicates the singer from any allegations of fraudulent behaviour. Defence attorney Pau Molins highlighted the end of what he described as a “smear campaign” against Shakira by the tax authorities, affirming that the court’s ruling acknowledges her innocence, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite this victory, Shakira still faces administrative challenges regarding her residency status in Spain, particularly regarding the amount of time she spent in the country in 2011. However, her legal representatives assert that she spent only 70 days in Spain that year, falling below the threshold for tax liability.

This legal triumph follows earlier tax disputes involving Shakira’s residency in Spain, dating back to 2012 and 2014. Although initially facing the prospect of a lengthy trial and potential jail time, Shakira opted to settle the matter by paying fines totalling millions of euros, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Currently residing in Miami with her two children, Shakira continues her music career while navigating legal challenges. Her former partner, Gerard Pique, also faced tax-related issues in Spain. (ANI)

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