Several trains temporarily cancelled, diverted due to traffic block: Northern Railways

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NEW DELHI: Several trains have been either temporarily cancelled or diverted on Thursday morning due to the traffic block in connection with the launch of the protection plate on the Lucknow-Alamnagar section, a Northern Railways official said in a release.

“It is notified for the information of the general public that due to traffic and power block in connection with Launching of protection plate on Lucknow-Alamnagar section, the following trains shall remain temporarily cancelled/ diverted /regulated/rescheduled as under,” the release said.

As per Northern Railways, Balamau – Lucknow Special, Lucknow-Sahajahanpur Special and Sahajahanpur-Lucknow Special has been cancelled. It said that the Ganga Sutlej Express, Amritsar – Howrah Mail, Archana Express, Bathinda – Varanasi Special and Jaynagar – Anand Vihar Terminal Special will be diverted.

The release further stated that the Lucknow Junction – Meerut City Rajya Rani Express would be rescheduled by 60 minutes. As per the official, the Kolkata – Jammu Tawi Express will be controlled for 180 minutes en route over Lucknow division, while the Meerut City-Lucknow Jn Rajya Rani Express will be regulated by 45 minutes en route over Moradabad division.

Similarly, Lohit Express will be regulated by 30 minutes en-route over Moradabad division and Tatanagar – Amritsar Jallianwala Bagh Express will be regulated by 20 minutes en-route over Lucknow division. (ANI)

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