Servers down, PDS distribution disrupted in many parts of the state

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Consumers queue in front of the Fair shop in Bengaluru. 

BENGALURU: The public distribution system across the state is facing disruption in services due to server problems and Internet issues in operating E-PoS (Electronic Point Scale) machines at fair price shops.

Consumers waiting in a long line in front of the fair price shop.

Daily wage workers have been hit hard by the server outages at fair-priced shops over the last few weeks. Families which rely on Annabhagya yojana rice are facing trouble and are not getting their rations. People are forced to stand in queues for hours, while skipping work. Neither the Commissioner of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department nor other officials have intervened to solve the server problem.

Fair price shops across the state faced server and Internet issues.

Ration card holders must submit their biometrics in order to receive food grain under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana and the state government’s National Food Security Scheme. The Food and Civil Supplies Department has updated the new double biometric system for security reasons. With the new system being implemented, server problems have become widespread. At many places, consumers are getting into tiffs with the PDS shop owners after standing in queue for hours and not getting their rations.

Manjula, a consumer, waited for 3–4 hours to get the grains.

“Every month there is a server problem. We come, wait for hours and then go back home. The waiting time is usually 3–4 hours. We are working people, so it is difficult to manage everything. Most of the time, the delay is because of technical issues,” said Manjula, a consumer.

Sathish, a fair price shop owner in Bengaluru.

“The whole month there were server and internet issues. People do not understand when we inform them about the issue. When they come and register their biometrics, then they understand the problem. People shout at us thinking that the issue is at our end. When we inform the officials about the same, they do not respond properly. The department has recently updated two biometrics. It is difficult to distribute the commodities. It is difficult to answer people, “said Sathish, a fair price shop owner.

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