Security guard was killed for preventing accused from entering college gate in front of girl students

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: In the case of the murder of security in-charge Jaikishore Roy at a private college in Amruthahalli, the accused student Bhargav has confessed to the crime during police interrogation and said that he killed the guard as the latter prevented him from entering the college gate in front of female students.

Bhargav had stabbed the security guard with a knife after being warned several times for creating a ruckus during the convocation at the college. Bhargav was roaming the college premises in a drunken state. Despite being told to stop, Bhargav continued to create nuisance which led to a scuffle with the security guard.

In a fit of rage, Bhargav went to his room, fetched a knife and stabbed the security guard, killing him on the spot. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera. The police have taken Bhargav into custody and are investigating the matter further.

Bhargav is a BA final-year student hailing from Assam and resides in PG accommodation. His parents’ information has been added to the report. Whereas, the deceased, Kishore, originally from North India, had been working as a security supervisor at the college for the past decade.

The family members of Kishore allege that the college’s security lapse led to his tragic death.

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