Section of newly built national highway collapses in Khanapur taluk

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A section of the newly built national highway has collapsed in Khanapur taluk.

BELAGAVI, CHIKKAMAGALUR: The continuous rain in Belagavi district has resulted in a section of the National Highway-4A, connecting Belagavi and Goa, collapsing, thereby leading to traffic disruptions.

A part of the new highway collapsed near Londa in Khanapur taluk. The highway was developed by spending crores and was to be inaugurated soon. Questions are now being raised whether substandard work was carried out or if it was the effect of the pouring rain.

Except for the two wall of a bridge, the road on either side has collapsed to a depth of about 10 feet and soil and rocks have been coming lose. This has been happening over the last four days, locals says. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has now opened alternative routes for traffic.

A part of the state highway between Sringeri and Hornad has slipped.

In Chikkamagalur district, a part of the state highway connecting Sringeri and Hornad has collapsed due to incessant rain near Heggarukudige village in Koppa taluk.

With about one half of the road collapsed, motorists are wearily travelling along the stretch even as parts of the road continue to collapse. If the entire stretch of road collapses, connectivity to hundreds of villages will be cut.

Parts of the road have also collapsed in Mullayyanagiri and Charmadi Ghat and it is feared that more landslips may occur.

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