‘Save Cubbon Park, stop commercial activities nearby’: Activist writes to CM

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Cubbon Park is proposed to be opened up for commercial activities, which has been opposed by activists.

BENGALURU: Cubbon Park and Lalbagh are the two most favourite hangouts for Bengalureans in the heart of the city. Thousands of tourists and locals visit these green lung spaces every day. Cubbon Park gives the much-needed respite from the city’s polluted air and unending bustle to many.

In a fresh controversy which has activists and citizens seeing red, the Public Works Department has called for tender to open shops, hotels and commercial outlets on its premises adjacent to Cubbon Park .

A social activist, Saidatta, has opposed the decision and demand for cancellation of the tender. He has also written a letter to the Chief Minister stating that if commercial activities are allowed next to Cubbon Park, it will spoil the beauty and cleanliness of the lung space.

Saidatta claimed, “There are two major parks in Bengaluru which are the best places for walking, jogging, exercising. The PWD has now invited a tender for opening 13 different commercial buildings next to Cubbon Park. If they allow commercial activities, it may spoil the park, create air pollution and problems for visitors”.

He stressed, “They should not allow commercial activities inside the government property. I will bring this issue into the notice of Chief Minister, Horticulture Minister and the PWD minister. What is the necessity of opening commercial outlets next to the park?” he questioned.

Earlier too, a huge protest was held over allowing commercial activities near Cubbon Park.

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