Sakshi Malik on WFI: We will have to quit wrestling if president remain same

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KOLKATA: Wrestlers have been protesting against the Wrestling Federation of India. WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh was accused of sexual misconduct and intimidation by the wrestlers.

Some of the most renowned wrestlers like Sarita Mor, Sangeeta Phogat, Anshu Malik, Sonam Malik, Satyawart Malik, Jitender Kinha and Bajarang Punia took part in the protests. The decision of the oversight committee is still due and it can go in favour of any side. If the decision goes against the wrestlers, the Rio Olympic medallist Sakshi Malik said she will quit wrestling.

“If the decision does not come in our favour and President remains as it is then we will have to quit wrestling, both me and Vinesh have the same thinking,” Sakshi told ANI.

Sakshi Malik was present at the Sports Conclave held in Kolkata. Sakshi believes that the decision of the oversight committee should have come out earlier. But even after the delay in result, she believes that it will come in their favour.

“The decision should have come by now but they need 10 more days time and we are expecting a result in our favour because we mustered a lot of courage before starting the protest. We did this because we had enough of what we are going through over the years and we don’t want future wrestlers to face what we faced,” Sakshi told ANI.

She also expressed her happiness about the progress in their fight against the Wrestling Federation of India. “I am happy with the progress and I want the decision to come a bit faster because we want to be stress-free and focus on our game because Asian Games are coming and we will have the trials for it. So, the main thing is that result should come fast and they are doing a fine job,” Sakshi continued.

“We are fighting against such a strong person and we can’t go through all that again. We can’t go back and face the same thing again. The tournaments the fights etc., but why are you speaking negative. We have never thought of losing this battle. We are positive that it will come in our favour. We are not doing anything wrong. We are fighting for a new fresh and start,” Sakshi continued.

With Women’s day coming on March 8, Sakshi shared a special message for women.

“Women’s Day is not only for women but also the men because men have a big role to play behind those women who are working. Everyone should support their daughters, sisters and wife. For them Women’s Day should be every day, not just one single day and should encourage them to do what they want to do for their country.” (ANI)

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