Sakra World Hospital brings Da Vinci Robotics for precision surgery across specialties

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BENGALURU: With an aim to further raise the bar for minimally invasive surgeries, Sakra World Hospital has brought in the Da Vinci Robot to deliver better 3D visualisation and precision surgery across all clinical specialties to provide comprehensive robotic care.

The launch took place at the hospital premises on Tuesday in the presence of the Pratap Reddy, Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, Yuchi Nagano, MD, Sakra World Hospital, Naoya Matsumi, DMD, Sakra World Hospital, Lovekesh Phasu, Dr Adil Sadiq, Head-CTVS, Dr Sadiq Sikora, Director-GI Surgery, Dr Shanthala Thuppanna, Head-OBG, Dr Gokulakrishnan, Senior Consultant-Urology and Andrology, Dr Honey Ashok, Head-ENT and Head & Neck Surgery, Dr Shishir Chandrashekhar, Head-Anesthesia & OT Management.

Robotic-assisted surgical procedure allows performing minimally invasive surgeries through tiny incisions, with greater precision, flexibility and control. The Da Vinci Surgical System, known to be the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available currently, consists of three system components — the ergonomically designed Surgeon Console to provide high-dimensional 3D image of the surgical field at the 3D viewer, the Patient Cart or the operating unit of the surgical system and the Vision Cart that houses advanced vision and energy technologies and is an integration hub for power generation, image processing and information systems.

This FDA-approved innovative robotic surgical tool comes with advanced energy systems, stapling and instruments and can be used to conduct surgeries for specialties including cardiology, urology, gastrointestinal surgery, gynecology, and ENT.

“Da Vinci Robotics is undoubtedly the need of the hour and, at Sakra World Hospital, we have taken the right decision toward consolidating one of the highly technical advancements with advanced integrated systems to make surgical procedures precise and safe. Not only will this technology ensure precise, bloodless surgery with minimal scarring, less pain resulting in faster recovery and reduced hospital stay for patients, it will help our surgeons reach the inaccessible areas to perform surgery with magnification of surgical field, provide precise control and improved endo-wrist movement which is at the forefront of delivering efficient, precise and safe surgical care. With Da Vinci surgical system at our hospital, we are now geared up to perform the most complicated surgeries without any hassle,” said Yuchi Nagano, Managing Director at Sakra World Hospital.

“For a surgeon, irrespective of the specialty we treat, it is extremely crucial to ensure utmost safety of the patient while performing any surgery. With the availability of tools like Da Vinci robotic system, we can now perform complicated surgeries with accuracy, precision and minimum chances of making errors using the instruments that have unmatched dexterity. Da Vinci Robotics is a revolutionary piece of technology that is definitely a boon for the surgeons, and we are proud to have it with us at Sakra World Hospital,”added Dr Adil Sadiq, Head-Department of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Sakra World Hospital. (ANI/GPRC)

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