Roopa puts up fresh FB post, says ‘Me and my husband are still together’

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BENGALURU: A day after her transfer from the Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation, IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil posted a message on her Facebook page asking the media to focus on the corruption issues that she had raised and the ‘pattern’ into deaths and divorces involving IPS and IAS officers.

On Tuesday, the government transferred both Roopa and IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri Dasarai without any posting after their public spat, while Roopa’s husband Munish Moudgil was also transferred as Principal Secretary, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR). A notice was also issued to the two officers, directing them to refrain from approaching the media to raise any allegations.


Roopa stated on her facebook page addressing media, “Dear media, please keep the focus on the corruption issue that I have raised against Rohini sindhuri ias. I have not prevented anyone from fighting against corruption, which most affects the common man. At the same time, also inquire into the pattern…the PATTERN, where one ias officer dies in Karnataka, one ips officer dies in Tamilnadu, one IAS husband-wife in Karnataka are already divorced”.

“Me and my husband are still together. Please don’t speculate. Please question the perpetrator who exhibits the pattern becoming an obstacle to family. Else, many more families will be destroyed. I am a strong woman. I will fight. I have been fighting for all women victims. Not all women have the same strength to fight. Please be a voice to such women. India is known for family values. Let’s keep that up. Thanks”.

In the rather criptic post, Roopa talks about some past incidents involving some IAS and IPS officers and suggests that there is a pattern to the deaths and divorces. She also insists that she is a strong woman and will face any sort of challenges.

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