Rohini Sindhuri meets chief secretary, files 3-page complaint against Roopa

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BENGALURU:  A day after IPS officer D Roopa levelled a series of charges against IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri on a social media platform, the latter filed a three-page complaint with Chief Secretary Vandita Sharma at Vidhana Soudha on Monday.

After filing a complaint at the Chief Secretary’s office, she spoke to the media and said, “Government officials and employees are not permitted to speak in front of the media. There is a circular regarding the same. I have complained to the Chief Secretary about IPS officer D Roopa’s unwarranted allegations and I have requested that the Chief Secretary take necessary action”.

“D Roopa is an IPS officer, and I have no professional relation with her. She is in a different service. I am not on any social media, but she is posting many allegations against me on social media platforms. I cannot answer anything there, and that is not the right platform to do so. Officers should maintain a certain level of dignity and decorum. Regarding the professional allegations, I have reported to the Chief Secretary. As far as the personal allegations are concerned, she is targeting me”, Sindhuri added.

Earlier in the day, Rohini Sindhuri told media persons in reactions to Roopa’s list of 19 allegations, “All I want to say is ‘Get well soon’. This is not the forum or the platform to speak, and this is not the way to speak either. This should be reported to the government, and it is wrong to personally defame someone. If she speaks about me on a personal level, I will take it strongly. We will take all the necessary actions required with the authorities concerned”.

Soon after Rohini Sindhuri made the comments, Roopa D Moudgil shared a screenshot of deleted photographs on  Facebook with a comment saying, “In front of the media, Rohini Sindhuri told me to ‘get well soon’. Will she talk of her deleted nude photographs? Isn’t the number hers? Can an IAS officer share nude photographs?”

However, it could not be independently verified what the photos were and to whom they were sent.

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