Rodents, encroachers to blame for bad shape of footpaths, claims BBMP

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Newly-laid footpaths too are in bad shape in the city.

BENGALURU: Footpaths which can be used safely by pedestrians has for long been a major issue in the city despite spending hundreds of crores, thanks to encroachments, broken slabs missing cobblestones. But the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike thinks that apart from encroachers, rodents are to blame for the poor state of the footpaths.

A walk along some of the newly-laid footpaths reveals patches, missing cobblestones and heaps of garbage dumped at places. The BBMP says that rats and bandicoots, which usually live in drains, make holes in the ground under the footpaths. Not only this, some shopkeepers too dig holes and gaps are created while erecting electric poles, the civic body says.

BBMP Special Commissoner Ravindra

According to BBMP Special Commissioner Ravindra, “Encroachers cause damage when extending their shops. Also, drains, OFC cables run under footpaths. Some damage is also caused while laying new drinking water connections. While doing major roads, we take up medians and footpaths also. Emergency funds are available for fixing roads and footpaths at the ward level”.

Amaresh, RTI activist.

Amaresh, an RTI activist said, “It is nothing but the lack of capability of the officers. Blaming rodents for bad footpaths is highly condemnable. Stones, sand should be properly laid below the surface before laying the footpath. It’s obvious that they haven’t done work properly. To cover up corruption, these bandicoots are blaming the rodents”.

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