Risks from protein consumption: Health dept sends samples from city gyms for test

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The Health Department officials sent a sample of protein powder to the lab.

BENGALURU: The Health Department has sent samples of protein powder for testing and is planning to investigate its side effects. The test report is expected in another week.

The Health Department is all set to investigate the side effects of protein powder.

During the recent Assembly Session, MLA Satish Reddy of Bommanahalli constituency proposed a test on protein powders consumed for body building in gyms, and its side effects on the body, including kidney and liver. The food safety officials have already visited some Bengaluru gyms and collected protein powder samples given there and sent them to the central lab for testing.

Health Department officials expressed concern about protein powder intake by young people.

The Health Department has expressed concern about heart attacks among young people. Exercising at the gym is good for the body. However, it is extremely risky to consume protein powders without maintaining food quality, officials point out.

Dr K Sudhakar, Health Minister.

“Gyms using unapproved chemical protein powders will be labelled as unauthorised and action will be taken,” Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar warned.

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