Return unspent money, Narayana Gowda tells aides

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Former minister K C Narayana Gowda addressing a gathering in KR Pet on Sunday.

MANDYA: Former BJP minister K C Narayana Gowda indirectly admitted that he had given out money to be distributed during the election, but his own people did not do so in some places.

Addressing a gathering in KR Pet on Sunday, Narayana Gowda said money meant to be distributed was not done in some places and appealed to those whom he had given the money, to return it.

“We checked and I have information that the money was not distributed at some places. Please return it and we will spend it in the constituency itself by setting up a trust. I don’t need the money for myself. I borrowed loans to raise funds, but I will repay it for sure”, he can be heard saying in a video.

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