Renukaswamy’s autopsy reveals 32 injury marks, he died of shock and brain haemorrhage

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Darshan Thoogudeepa’s associates had hatched an elaborate plan to eliminte Renukaswamy of Chitradurga for sending objectionable messages on social media to Pavithra Gowda, the actor’s girlfriend. Public TV has accessed exclusive information about how the gang planned the murder, as mentioned in the police remand copy that was submitted to the court.

The doctor’s report citing the explosive cause of Renukaswamy’s death, CCTV evidence against Darshan and information about the weapon used in the crime are mentioned in the remand copy. Not only that, it  also mentions where Darshan’s clothes were washed and by who,where his shoes were found, among other details. 

Renukaswamy died of shock and severe brain hemorrhage. He was fatally assaulted with weapons, and 32 injury marks were found on his body. There are more than seven scars on the skull, and severe bleeding in his private part, the post-mortem report revealed.

The police have recovered important evidence from the Pattangare shed — the weapons used in the crime, including lathi, wooden logs, blood stains, physical evidence, fingerprints etc. The CCTV footage from the place where the incident took place has been seized, and the 30-minute CCTV footage is likely to be an important part of the evidence in the case.

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