Renukaswamy murder accused administered electric shocks on him when he falls unconscious due to torture

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: The ongoing investigation into the murder of Renukaswamy by associates of actor Darshan has thrown up horrific details of torture. Several accused have already been arrested for the brutal murder. The accused tortured him in many ways just like in movies scenes.
In a shocking revelation during the probe, it has been revealed that Darshan’s gang had initially assaulted Renukaswamy with iron rods, sticks and wooden logs. The gang also smashed his head against a goods vehicle. Unable to withstand the horrific torture and pain, Renukaswamy fell unconscious.

The accused then administered electric shocks to Renukaswamy in his hand, ear and stomach. The police have arrested the ninth accused, Dhanraj, on Sunday night in this regard. A Megger meter, which was used to administer the electric shocks has also been seized.

It is alleged that many other people too were tortured at the Pattanagere shed in similar fashion for not paying up their dues and Dhanraj was party to the shed owner Vinay’s crimes.

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