Rameshwaram Cafe CCTV footage reveals two major explosions taking place in just 10 seconds

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BENGALURU: At least nine people were injured in the IED explosion that occurred at Rameshwaram Cafe in Brookfield near Whitefield in the city on Friday afternoon. The shocking scene of the blasts were captured on the CCTV cameras that was installed at the handwash area of the restaurant.

The footage shows two explosions occurring within 10 seconds. It can be seen in the footage that peeople some were at the cash counter in the hotel, while others were standing in line to get lunch and some of them were talking with their family members. A few of the customers were also near the handwash area. The explosion occurred at 12.55 pm and thick smoke covered the place as another explosion occurred. Customers and staff ran away from the place to blast intensity.

Some people were injured in the eyes and head. A woman’s clothes were burnt. The other customers in the hotel helped the injured and rushed them to hospitals.

Rameshwar Cafe Managing Director Divya said, “I have seen the CCTV footage related to the blast. There were two explosions that occurred within 10 seconds. The explosion occurred in the handwash area. No cylinder was placed there. Also, the cylinders kept in the cafe are safe. An employee’s ID card was found at the blast site. I noticed that a battery, nut, bolts were found. I am getting more information in this regard.”

“As per the information that we have, some unidentified person came in the guise of a customer and left behind a bag. The blast occurred from the contents of the bag. There is no information about the exact time of the accused’s entry and exit. We have given the CCTV footage to the police”, Divya said.

The cafe’s M D Divya said, “There are over 150 staffer working at the restaurant. Three staff members and one customer were initially injured in the incident. We immediately admitted them to a hospital where they are undergoing treatment. We are fully cooperating with the authorities. It is definitely not a LPG cylinder blast, all the hotel’s cylinders are safe. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. We have to wait and see how this unfolds”.

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