Rajnath Singh practises shots on small arms firing simulator at Army Commanders meet

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NEW DELHI: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday practised firing on small arms firing simulator at the Army Commanders conference in Delhi.

Army Commanders’ Conference (ACC) is an apex-level biannual event which is an institutional platform for conceptual level deliberations, culminating in making important policy decisions for the Indian Army.

During his visit to an exhibition organised on the sidelines of the Army Commanders’ Conference, he saw the niche technology and innovation displayed by the Army. Rajnath Singh took aim and practised shots on the simulator developed in-house by the Simulator Development Division of the Indian Army.

Defence Minister was accompanied by Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Pande and other senior Army officers.

Defence Minister was briefed on the latest equipment the Army is using for training purposes and other technologies that have already been deployed on borders.

The simulator is the latest addition to the technological advancement measures initiated to equip the armed forces with modern weaponry and training mechanisms. The Simulator meets the rigorous standards of the Army.

It has been informed that Infantry Weapon Training Simulator with Untethered Recoil Kits is a computer-based Small Arms Firing Simulator to train, monitor and evaluate multiple trainees simultaneously by a single instructor on the pistol, carbine sub-machine gun, assault rifles and light machine guns.

The simulator is equipped with features like it incorporates multi-disciplinary technology to project near-realistic virtual 3D terrains, tactical targets, moving targets and AI-reactive human models on a large screen.

Further, it was also informed that the simulator facilitates the conduct of basic squad post-training of soldiers and simulates all range course exercises for firing upto a range of 400m. (ANI)

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