Rajinikanth applauds Rishabh Shetty’s ‘Kantara’, gives a surprise call

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BENGALURU: Superstar Rajinikanth has praised the Kannada movie ‘Kantara’ on his official Twitter page. He even gave a surprise call to the movie’s lead actor, director and screenplay writer Rishab Shetty.

Rajinikanth praised Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara’ film.

The superstar recently watched the film ‘Kantara’ and shared on his official Twitter handle, “The unknown is more than the known. No one could have said this better in cinema than @hombalefilms #KantaraMovie you gave me goosebumps @shetty_rishab Rishab hats off to you as a writer,director and actor.Congrats to the whole cast and crew of this masterpiece in indian cinema.”

After watching the film, Rajinikanth called up Rishab Shetty over the phone and appreciated the entire team for their hard work.

Rishab Shetty retweeted Rajinikanth’s tweet and called it a “dream come true” moment.

Rishabh Shetty retweeted Rajinikanth’s tweet from his official Twitter handle saying, “Dear@rajinikanth sir you are biggest Superstar in India and I have been your fan since childhood. Your appreciation is my Dream come true. You inspire me to do more local stories and inspire our audiences everywhere.Thank you sir”.

Kantara (mystical forest) is a movie about traditional Daivaradane and the Bhoota Kola legacy. The theme of the movie is the conflict between nature and human beings. Rishab Shetty, who plays the lead role, is also the director and screenplay writer of the movie. The movie was released on September 30. Netizens have been whole-heartedly appreciating the effort that has gone into making of the movie.

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