‘Rahul Gandhi should distribute his ‘benami assets’: Basavaraj Bommai attacks Congress

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GADAG: Former chief minister and BJP candidate from the Gadag-Haveri Lok Sabha constituency, Basavaraj Bommai, hit out at the Congress and asked Rahul Gandhi to distribute his ‘benami assets’, before speaking about the redistribution of the nation’s property.

“Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has spoken about the redistribution of the nation’s property. First, let him distribute his benami assets”, Bommai said.

Addressing a campaign meeting in Gajendragad on Wednesday, he said, “The INDI Alliance didn’t know who is their PM candidate. Mamata Banerjee claims herself as the PM, Arvind Kejriwal in jail said he would become the PM, Sharad Pawar said he was in the race for the PM post and Lalu Prasad Yadav said he was ready to take the responsibility”.

“Rahul Gandhi didn’t want to become the PM. What should be understood if a son who has attained the age of marriage, refuses to get married? For how many more years, did the Congress party want to cheat people? That party was born out of lies. The Congress party would be finished if Narendra Modi becomes the PM for the third time”, he added.

The former CM said that AICC president Mallikarjun Kharge has been signing these guarantee cards. “Is he the Prime Minister or President? The guarantee given by him has no value. People must tear and throw the cards”.

He said out of the total 543 seats, they required 272 seats for the simple majority but the Congress was contesting only 230 seats. So, it would not majority. In total, the Congress wouldn’t win even 40 seats. The incumbent state government has cheated Dalits and farmers and has no moral right to rule the state.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi works 18 hours a day and he hailed from a poor family and understands poverty. He has lifted 25 crore people from the BPL category,” Bommai added.

He said the Prime Minister has provided vaccines to everyone during the Covid pandemic. Even the Congress leaders have taken the vaccine. To repay the favour of saving lives, we must vote for Modi.

“To repay Modi, who has provided water to every household, we must vote for the BJP. Modi, who provides 5 kg of rice to every family, must be voted for by the BJP. Every vote should be for making Modi the Prime Minister again,” the BJP leader said.

Bommai said that the Congress government has stopped the irrigation projects of North Karnataka such as Jaalawadagi, Singatalur and Koppal Lift irrigation projects. If the Congress has guts, it must release funds and complete them.

The 28 seats of Karnataka are going to polls in two phases —April 26 and May 7. The counting is scheduled for June 4. The BJP registered a strong performance in the state in the 2019 general elections as it won 25 out of 28 seats. (ANI)

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