Punjab police recover toy drone on outskirts of Amritpal Singh’s village

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AMRITSAR: A toy drone was recovered on the outskirts of Amritpal Singh’s village in Punjab’s Amritsar district, senior officials with Punjab police said on Friday.

According to officials, the toy drone was seized from Rayya village located on the outskirts of Amritsar on Thursday.

“Police have recovered the toy drone on the outskirts of Amritpal Singh’s village in Punjab’s Amritsar area. The camera does not have a camera on it. The Police have taken out the batteries,” said DSP Harkrishan Singh.
“Police are on high alert,” he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief and pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh surfaced in a new video and said he was not “a fugitive” and will soon “appear in front of the world”.

In the unverified video, Amritpal Singh sought to address some comments about the video that surfaced on Wednesday.

“I uploaded a video yesterday. It was addressed to people. The Public thinks that maybe the video was made in police custody because I was looking here and there in that video while talking. You can see other earlier videos, I don’t talk too much looking at the camera,” he said.

Amritpal Singh said to those who think that he has run away or left friends, “get that thing out of your mind”. The pro-KhaIistan leader, who has been declared a fugitive by Punjab Police, said no one should have an apprehension that he had not run away from his people.

“Soon I will appear in front of the world. I’m not the kind of person who will go abroad and put videos,” he said. He urged people to spread the message to a big congregation on Baisakhi to discuss issues before the community. “Many people had said that I got my hair cut. Before getting the hair cut, I will get my head cut,” he said. He said the government should do whatever it wants to do and he was not afraid. “I am not afraid of arrest. Nor have I put any conditions for arrest,” he said.

This new video comes a day after the radical preacher, who is being chased by police released an unverified video calling on the “Sikh sangat” to come together if they want to “save” Punjab.

He had said in the video that he was not under police custody.

“I am absolutely fine and nothing can harm me. As far as the arrest is concerned, it is in the hands of the Guru,” he said.

I urge the Sikh sangat to join the Sarbat Khalsa campaign if they want to save Punjab. I am grateful to all the Sikh Sangat, who carried out protests against the action taken against me.

“The pro-Khalistan leader further alleged that many of his supporters have been sent to Assam jail.

Amritpal is on the run since March 18, the day Punjab Police launched a massive manhunt for him.

The crackdown came almost over three weeks after Amritpal’s supporters stormed Ajnala police station in Amritsar on February 23 demanding the release of one of his close aides, Lovepreet Toofan. (ANI)

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