Public TV impact: Repair work on Nelamangala highway finally taken up

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Patcwork on the Nelamangala national highway is going on full swing.

BENGALURU: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken up repair work to fix potholes and craters on the Nelamangala road after a Public TV report on the pathetic situation of the stretch, while highlighting the problems faced by motorists.

The Nelamangala road was dotted with potholes and craters.

The road was pockmarked by potholes, many of them dangerous. This is an important highway connecting Bengaluru city to 17 districts of the state and also other states. The company which collects the toll from motorists at Nelamanagala and Parle-G toll gates, is supposed the maintain the road, but had ignored it. Due to this, accidents used to occur every day and some motorists have even lost their lives. Now, the company is taken up patchwork and filling up of potholes in the name of maintenance while claiming to make it better.

Many dignitaries including ministers, officials, MLAs use the Nelamangala road to travel every day, but no one had reacted about the condition of the road. Motorists expressed their gratitude and appreciated Public TV’s continuous coverage on issues that matter to people.

Narasimhaiah said patch work is not enough and needs permanent solution.

Narasimhaiah, a regular road user, said, “We have experienced lots of problems while travelling on this road. I had even suffered a fall and some aged people have also fallen and sustained injures. Public TV had done a commendable job by frequently reporting about the pathetic situation of the national highway, as a result of which the NHAI has now taken up repair work. But we need permanent solution”, he stressed.

Harish, a local, insisted that quality of work has to be improved.

Harish, a local, said, “We do not want such patchwork, which is being done just for the sake of it. The tollway company collects crores from road users, but is not providing quality service to the people. Public TV has done a good job, highlighting the pathetic condition of the highway, but the quality of repair work being undertaken is of very poor and it will surely come off soon. The authorities should give quality service”.

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