Public Music celebrates 9th anniversary with celebrities in attendance

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU:  Public TV’s sister channel Public Music celebrated its ninth anniversary at the Public TV offices in Bengaluru on Thursday. The celebration began with the lighting of the traditional lamp.

Public TV Chairman and Managing Director H R Ranganath, Lahari Music heads Manohar Naidu and Lahari Velu, Anand Audios chief Shyam Chabria, Ashwini Recording Company head Ashwini Ramprasad and Jhenkar Music owner Bharat Jain were present.

Actors and celebrities including Vikram Ravichandran, Ganavi Laxman, Siddu Moolimani, Amrita Prem, Chaitra J Achar and Brinda Acharya, who were the guests, wished Public Music on its ninth anniversary and shared their thoughts about their connection with music.

H R Ranganath, the chief of Public TV, speaking on the occasion, said that “We can come forward in our lives only when we love what we do. Failures are common in life. Don’t worry about them, but learn to overcome them and move ahead”.

He said that, if a person does not face the problems, there will be no tomorrow to win. “Music has the power to reduce stress. Music has many powers, it refreshes our memory”, he added.

Ranganath also congratulated those who were directly and indirectly responsible for the success of the event. Public Music is a 24-hour Kannada music channel presented by Public TV and Lahari Recording Company. The channel went on air on September 28, 2014, and it is serving its listeners unstoppably.

Everyone likes music. Music does evoke a sense of wonder and refresh our memories. It works like energy, which is infused into all cultures around the world. Music triggers the production of chemicals in the brain that are involved in feelings like pleasure. It is a matter of pride that Public Music has been providing music to Kannadigas for nine consecutive years and steps into the tenth year with more promise to viewers.

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