‘Prema Loka-2’, to be directed by ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran, to have 25 songs

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BENGALURU: When people recount the name ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran, his blockbuster ‘Prema Loka’ first comes to mind. The movie, a romantic musical drama, was released in 1987 and created a milestone in the Kannda film industry with its melodious songs. Even today, ‘Prem Loka’ always appears in the line-up of evergreen movies.

Ravichandran recently expressed that he is going to make ‘Prema Loka 2’. He shared his dream of directing ‘Prem Loka 2’ in front of the fans at the Hampi Utsav. He also made a  surprise announcement that there would be 25 songs in the movie. Housing Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan, who was present, expressed surprise at Ravichandran’s announcement.

Prime Video: Premaloka

Most of the songs from ‘Prema Loka’ were hits at that time and even today, people listen to them. Even now, these songs are trending. Ravichandran says will compose and make more such songs for ‘Prema Loka 2’. The specialty will be that that the songs will be in the form of stories.

Currently, Ravichandran has only shared his thoughts about making movies. He has not revealed any information about who will be the artists, the content of the story or the shooting schedules.

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