‘Pranayam’ teaser is a hit with audiences; Rajavardan is thrilled! 

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGALURU: Having made his debut with the movie ‘Fly’, Rajavardan then went on to act in the acclaimed ‘Bicchugatthi’. Needless to say, acting is in his genes.
Son of veteran actor ‘Dingri’ Nagraj, Rajavardan has always been passionate about the craft since childhood. And, like his father, he too aims to do quality films that will remain etched in the minds of viewers. Despite having made his entry into films in recent years, he has already managed to make a strong impression on audiences with his talent and even has a fan base of his own.
Rajavardan has now once again made a deep impact on his fans with the teaser of his upcoming flick ‘Pranayam’. It goes without saying that it isn’t easy to convey the gist of a story and also pique the interest of people with a mere teaser or trailer of a film. But Pranayam’s teaser has been a winner in this regard, a statement said.
Rajavardan, who will be seen in a romantic avatar in the flick, has various shades to his character. Along with having love as its central theme, the film goes beyond that; it has out-and-out commercial elements. The film has been produced by Paramesh, who had earlier backed movies like ‘Kariya 2’, ‘Pallaki’ and ‘Ganapa’. The movie has been directed by Dattatreya and Naina Ganguly plays Rajavardan’s leading lady, the statement added.

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